Toro? 300-Series-Omni-Nozzle 300 Series Adjustable Radius Stream Nozzle

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Toro 300-Series-Omni-Nozzle 300 Series Adjustable Radius Stream Nozzle The 300 Series Multi-Stream Rotor from Toro combines a highly distinctive way to irrigate with the reliability you've come to expect. Uniquely designed, Stream Rotors feature multiple rotating streams, a slower precipitation rate and successfully fights wind. The 300 Series utilizes Matched Precipitation Rate (MPR) nozzles ensuring precise,proportional flow for uniform water coverage every time. Interchangeable arc plates and nozzles provide the ultimate in versatility with the ability to cover varying arc requirements from 90 to 360 degrees. Durable plastic and stainless steel construction along with a wide selection of body styles-pop, shrub and high-pop make the 300 Series ideal for medium to large lawns and ground cover. You can literally see the difference!

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