Creative Mark Mandalay Professional Goat Hair Hake Paintbrushes - Super Soft Hair for Holding Color for Large Surface Coverage - [Size - 2inch]

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The highest quality construction and materials make these brushes the choice of artists the world over. Mandalay Hake Brushes come in a wide array of sizes, and are perfect for applying color with a reliable and true stroke. Super soft, supreme quality goat hair is hand tied and sandwiched between two flat pieces of natural wood that form the paddle-shaped handle. This quality construction allows for sweeping and precise techniques, creating vivid watercolor washes and applying liquid inks with ease. These brushes work well on canvas or paper, and can even be purchased in sets. Set 1 includes brush sizes 1.5inch, 2inch, 2.5inchand 3inch. Set 2 features even larger brushes, equipped with size 2inch, 3inch, 4inch, 6inch and 8inch. Don't miss out on these fantastic brushes at fantastic savings!

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