Alden 8440P Grabit Pro Broken Bolt and Damaged Screw Extractor 4 Piece Kit - Black

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Remove broken and damaged screws and bolts in two easy steps. Each of the four dual ended bits in this set feature a burnishing tip to prepare the screw or bolt for removal and a threaded tip to grip and extract them when powered with a 3/8 inch drill. Removes many types of screws up to 4 inch in length including hex, Phillips, and square drive and bolts up to 3/8 inch. Each of the four bits are different widths to handle a different range of screw and bolt sizes. Additional Features: Bit #1 handles No. 4-No. 7 screws and No. 10 bolts (5mm) Bit #2 handles No. 8-No. 10 screws and 1/4 inch bolts (6mm)Bit #3 handles No. 11-No. 14 screws and 5/16 inch bolts (8mm)Bit #4 handles No. 16-No. 24 screws and 3/8 inch bolts (10mm)

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