10 Best Car Cleaning Products

Are you still worrying about car cleaning? Let your car look brand new with these 10 products.
Easy and Quick Waterless Wash
Just spray it on your car paint, it will eliminate dirt, grime, bird droppings, bugs, mud, dust, grease, and stubborn stains instantly on contact, saving time and money. No more tedious car washing.
Diamond-Like Protection
By using advanced nanotechnology formulations, your car's surface will form a protective coating that lasts for months and provides a long-lasting sheen. Get rid of water stains, oxidation, and many other contaminants that can damage the car paint.
New generic Car Scratch Repair Remover Pen
A must item for car lovers and drivers
Excellent design for clearing coat scratch repair
Features as non-toxic, permanent, water resistant
Portable, easy to use
Remove the cap and painting on car scratching part easily
Two ways to use, Can be smeared, can be wiped
Easy to dry, please tighten the cap after use the pen.
1.Powerful car scratch repair cream: Car scratch remover will not react with car paint. Therefore, it can repair scratches without affecting the original car paint.
2.Professional Scratch Removal: Car scratch repair aims to restore the original luster and color. It is easy to remove the oxide film and stubborn dirt, paint spots, burrs, color and luster of the car surface paint.
3.Easy to use: For minor scratches, just squeeze an appropriate amount of scratch cream on the soft sponge, and then rub it several times with the sponge until the scratches are eliminated. For deeper scratches, it is recommended to wipe the scratches with sandpaper first, then repeatedly wipe with a sponge until the scratches are removed (not suitable for deep scratches caused by primer leakage).
4.Wide use: professional car scratch repair agent is suitable for nail scratches, scratches, minor scratches, mild paint scratches, polished paint vortex and other small scratches on door handles. It can also clean asphalt, insect corpse stains, stubborn attachments, etc.
5.Suitable for cars of any color: The car scratch repair cream can be used on all the color. It can be used on vehicles of any color, but please make sure that there are no electroplated crystals or paint protection films.
6.Easy to use, remove scratches, polish wax, portable, auto parts
▶Strong Repair
Eliminate damage to the vehicle without hurting the paint! Simple and convenient bottle and rub application to restore your car's shine in one go, without paying a high price to fix these repairs! You can do it at home!
▶ Powerful cleaning & 3x stain removal
It glows with 1 touch, 3x penetrates and dissolves stains, removes slight etching water stains and oil films on glass, etc., and quickly restores perfect transparency with no buffing required.
✔Support solar power charging, don’t need to charge by connecting car cigarette lighter
✔Colorful LCD Digital display, show tyre pressure clearly
✔Rear-time monitoring pressure & temperature of 4 tires
✔Low air pressure/high temperature alarm
✔High Temperature / Leakage / Low Battery Alarm
✔Intelligent Shock Boot when car moving, don’t need to turn on/off
✔Easy to install the external sensors
✔There are two options, Build-in sensors and external sensors, it will meet your need
✔Fit in almost 98% cars on market
1. Clean the dent with a clean damp cloth;
2. Load the glue stick into the glue g un, pull the trigger to let the glue stick enter the glue g un, and turn on the power to preheat for 5 minutes;
3. Use suitable brushed gaskets. Large dents require a large tensile washer. (Note: the largerThe greater the tension washer, the greater the tension);
Wire or Wireless: wireless
Wire or Wireless: Wire
Shell Material: Plastic
Origin: CN(Origin)
Material Type: Abs
Lens Material: Plastic + Glass
Length of Video Cable: 6M
Horizontal Resolution Pixels: 1000 TV Lines 1280*720 Pixels
1. The AUTO-LAK-TEST 3003 measuring instrument is an instrument for measuring the thickness of varnish coatings with an accuracy of 20 microns.
2. It is used to quickly and accurately check whether the vehicle has been painted in the past.
One spray and one wipe to remove oil, protect the engine and reduce the risk of spontaneous combustion.